Hello world!

I am writing this blog to record the process of turning our suburban section (690 square metres) and house into an eco-friendly place, where we equalise what we take with what we give back.

Our plan is to evaluate and adapt our:

  • Water use and conservation
  • Energy use and conservation
  • Food consumption
  • Recycling systems
  • Garden production to organic foods

Each week, or more often, I will share with you our progress towards a more sustainable lifestyle. This will cover my research and our practical actions. Look out for photos and video!

Join me in my journey …

– Heather


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Heather and Tre, What a geat journey! I’m there with you! I LOVE recycling and often try new ways of conserving water, food, etc.
    When I do the washing, I often use rainwater from 2 drums we have in our backyard.
    Just the other week I read in a magazine that we don’t need the full recommended dose of powder for the washing to get clean. One even used half a dose and was pleased with the result!
    When the machine is spinning I have 4 buckets lined up and fill these with the water from the machine. I’m in the process to fine-tune this process and will let you know when I do!


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