Eco-choices hard to get right

We have a food scraps container – so do most people. So how ‘eco’ is that? Our food scraps go into our compost bin where the local mice party and compete with the worms. However, our cat enjoys the hunting and quite often brings in his trophies very much alive. In effect he is recycling our scraps – peelings – mice – cat food! In less rural localities compost bins are not possible.

Some town or city centres have bins where food scraps can go and they’re turned into compost at efficient composting plants where no intelligent mouse would risk her/his life (and which, I assume, are free of cats). Applying compost to the garden from such a centre is much more wholesome. It all comes in plastic bags … oops … what do you do with plastic bags?

Now I know that a good eco-warrior would buy everything in re-useable or compostable containers, and we did start buying those woven bags put out by supermarkets in NZ. They’re supposed to cut down the number of plastic bags sent to the rubbish tip each year. I was all for that until I looked at the Made in China label. Hmmm a lot of fuel was used transporting them down-under. Instead we resolved to re-use plastic bags as many times as possible before disposing of them. Our dog helps out in that regard – we still send the bags to the refuse disposal system but it does contain some compostable material.

I’ve decided, it’s all about getting the balance right for the locality you live in and the options it offers. We will still compost and apply it to our garden in a bid to be as eco as possible. We will still use plastic but re-use the bags as many times as possible before binning them. And, where there is opportunity to use recyclable containers, we will.

3 thoughts on “Eco-choices hard to get right

  1. I’ve come up with a cool idea about composting. Every day I make a vege juice using organic vegetables, and hate to throw away the stuff left in the juicer which is very minced up. I have to grow things in pots because I don’t have my own garden. So I decided to make some little compost pots. I took a big plastic flowerpot and put a layer of potting , then my vege scraps, plus some coffee grinds and covered it over with more dirt. I did the same thing for about a week until the pot was more or less full, then I left it for about 3 or 4 weeks, then planted a strawberry plant on top. By this stage the vege matter had more or less composted itself. The strawberry plant grew big and healthy and I got quite a lot of strawberries off it. So now I think it is a good way to make compost – thinking small rather than big – more down to the human size!


  2. When we buy our green groceries at the local vege barn, they provide cardboard boxes for us to pack into. (They appear to be the same boxes in which the vege barn received their produce.)
    We take our veges home in a box rather than shopping bags, and then reuse or recycle the box. I wish our supermarket did that! Much better than putting *more* plastic into the world.


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