Avoid the cost of a gluten-free diet

I often consult the Internet to find information about foods and their status as gluten-free or not. Today I came across the About.Com website information and was impressed.

I started with viewing the video: How to Limit Gluten-Free Food Costs. Okay – I probably know much of what it said there. I do read the labels, make my own gluten-free products where possible, buy fruit and vegetables, but sometimes I really want to ‘break-out’ without piling on the sugars and carbohydrates.

The hardest thing to find, in my opinion, is gluten-free, low sugar snacks. Parents of children who have celiac disease must be especially challenged. So I ventured into their page on coping with children who are gluten-intolerant. Lots of recommendations for recipes, including a book or two. One I decided to buy was: Gluten Free in Five Minutes. These are quick and easy recipes for muffins, cakes and breads that can be put together in five minutes.

My hope is that in buying it I will be able to whip up a treat for the times when others around me are about to sit down to something gluten-filled. Or those other times when my “won’t power” is under-charged.

Later I went onto the website Wheat-free.org and checked out a range of gluten-free foods including chocolate. I found out that in the Cadbury range Fry’s Turkish Delight (one of my favourites) is wheat and gluten-free. I worked out that if I cut a bar up into six pieces I would be eating less than 5g of sugar in each piece. The challenge for me would be not to eat all six on the same day!

Really interesting fact I found out is that if you are life-threatenly affected by gluten (celiac disease) even ingesting a crumb of gluten toast bread can make you sick. To quote Jane Anderson on About.Com: “In order to make that used toaster safe, you’d have to remove the wire racks … (and) get rid of all those left-over crumbs, especially those lodged in the spring mechanism that pops up the bread once it’s toasted. But you can’t take the toaster apart … However, you ( a celiac) can’t live with those crumbs … you’ll most likely get really sick if you ingest just one.” Never considered that! It’s the equivalent of what is called on labels “made on a production line where gluten products are produced.”

Food for thought, indeed!

Heather Sylvawood, Amazon Kindle eBooks author.



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  1. I look forward to finding out what you think of the book. I have a friend who would be interested in the recipes, too! Thanks for that. José


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