Here’s to Our Rubbish Artists

They are a certain breed, these rubbish artists. They can look at our discards and think: “I could make a xxxx out of that.” More than that, they actually get off butt and do so.

It takes a lot of imagination to see something and imagine it in another life form. For instance, I often admire the creativity of furniture recyclers who spot and old item and with a swift flick of a brush, a swatch of fabric, or bang with a tack hammer recycle stuff into the oh-so-chic items that feature in Home Beautiful.


I don’t do that. Instead along the way towards the conversion (usually very close to the start) I run out of confidence; I’m too scared to take up hammer and paint in case the end product doesn’t meet the perfect image in my mind.

Rubbish artists aren’t like that. They see in their mind a new objet d’art and experiment until they achieve it. One such artist has made Golden Bay her home – sculptor, fitter and machinist Georgina West of Georgeous Designs. She’s also on Facebook if you want to ‘like’ her.


Above: From large garden flowers to small, and from birds to fish, Georgina creates them all from old tin cans and discarded materials, including wire from the back of microwaves.

From these most unpromising materials Georgina’s imagination creates these amazing, whimsical, decorative designs. They’re set to replace the wall butterfly, I’m sure.

So here’s to our rubbish artists whose creativity is helping to deal with our waste – true recyclers.

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