A Medium opens my eyes to faith healing

It wasn’t the usual thing I would choose to go to, but when a Medium/faith healer of television fame arrived in our town of Takaka (permanent population around 4000) I was tempted. I arrived to sit in old theatre seats feeling physically uncomfortable. My back was aching (regular occurring aftermath of a back injury), I had a sore knee and a painfully uncomfortable foot from a stress injury.

Pain is cured

I could have offered myself as a healing guinea pig, but the sceptic in me kept me silent and on my seat. However, I cannot give a rational explanation for what happened when the Medium offered to fix the sore knee of a member of the audience. She told us that anyone experiencing knee pain could allow the spirits in the room to help them heal.

As the session progress I felt the sensation of strong tingling passing rapidly up and down my leg through my knee. I asked whatever was doing this to also fix the pain in my back. When I left the theatre I no longer had any pain in my knee or back, although my foot is still a work in progress. The pain in my back and knee has not returned, almost a week later.

Faith healing

You could say that having been told we would be healed, I believed and was healed of the pain. And I’d be happy to agree. But isn’t that faith healing? Whether it happened from outside who-knows-what forces, or the forces of my own mind, the pain went – suddenly. That’s my version of faith healing.

What I need to learn now, is how to turn on faith healing whenever I need it, and not wait until someone who convinces me of their powers comes along and gives me faith.

Have others experiences of healing in this way?

Heather Sylvawood, Amazon Author

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  1. Hi Heather

    Wow!! Good on you!! Congratulations! Enjoy it…..(while it lasts???!! I don’t know!!)




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