Keep your home free of oil and SMART meters

By Heather Sylvawood, Amazon Author

Today I have two topics to write about. The first is a bouquet, the second a brick.

The Bouquet: I find it slightly bizarre, but commendable, that a country actively encouraging research into alternative energy should be the United Arab Emirates. The Zayed Future Energy Prize is awarded each year to Corporations, SMEs, NGOs and international high schools who are seen to be researching or implementing renewable energy options.

Check it out here.

Now what does that tell us about the future of oil?

Oil-free homes and lives are inevitable

It’s generally understood by the world that oil, natural gas and coal (anything that must be mined) is a finite resource. Although there is some renewing of the resource over time, the eons of time it takes to be renewed is far outstripped by the rate in which our oil-dependent world is consuming it. Oil exploration is now reaching into less and less likely and more inaccessible places in a desperate bid to find new fields before the main ones run out. Of course, exploration is not altruistic. Scarcity will drive up prices so investors stand to gain huge profits by discovering one new source of oil or gas.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is designed to uncover some options to oil energy. The 2014 nominees are in the process of being assessed by a Jury and will be announced in July.  Hopefully from the public acknowledgement by an oil-producing country the oil power mongers will not be able to shutdown the technology. Read More about the nominees here:

But what are the alternatives – electricity?

The Brick:  In the US there are over 5000 alternative energy source patents that have been suppressed.  (See this YouTube posting for referencevery important!) In the meantime, power companies (not just oil-fired generators) have introduced an appliance that could be harming our health irreversibly, and we’re just going along with it without question.

The villain is the SMART meter. SMART meters are being installed world-wide, sold to us as power-price reducing devices that ensure accurate readings of our power consumption. Analogue meters, we are told, are inaccurate.

However, a body of evidence is emerging (supported by many scientists) that SMART meters are dangerous because:

  • They cause chronic illness, such as migraines and cancer (Read about it on the EMF website)
  • They can alter the structure of blood cells in people exposed to them over time (See Take Back Your Power video)
  • They have been shown to cause fires (Read EMF reports) – In New Zealand, 422 fires involved smart meters in 2010.
  • They emit radiation (Read Organic NZ report)

Take Back Your Power

Having just viewed the film Take Back Your Power, I am horrified to realise our domestic power companies are going along with a device that has not been properly tested for safety. More than that, it’s designed to transmit power (radiation) impulses that can be picked up by power companies measuring power usage.  Sounds a great idea. No problems with reading the meter and the company knows when to ramp up supply.

On the other hand, the emission of radiation pulses continues even when the power company is not collecting the data; it continues night and day. And that’s when it starts affecting our health; everyone’s health, not just those who are susceptible to electro-magnetic pulses.

Become SMART about SMART meters

So my plea to you is investigate for yourself, and if you don’t yet have a SMART meter insist that your power supplier respect your wish not to have one. If you do have a SMART meter ask your power supplier to take it out and replace it with an analogue meter – modern alternatives are available. If they won’t comply tell them you are going to change power suppliers. It’s better to reason with them and wear them down than try and find a new supplier, because the new supplier will want to hook up to the existing SMART meter.

I enquired from Contact Energy and their fee for removing an existing SMART meter and replacing it with an analogue one is $110 NZ. I also had the call centre person register on our account that we do not want a SMART meter. She actually offered, so others must be requesting to be SMART meter-free. However, she did say we would receive mail explaining why they’re being installed once they get around to our area. In other words, they won’t take a blind bit of notice of our request to not have one installed and we will have to refuse again.

By Heather Sylvawood, Amazon Author

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