Diabetes cure around the corner?

A thrilling announcement has been made from scientists in New Zealand and the UK who have been investigating the cause(s) of diabetes for over 20 years.

They have discovered that a little known hormone called amylin may be the reason behind why some people are unable to digest sugars efficiently.  Normally cells in the pancreas produce two hormones – insulin and amylin, but in some individuals, instead of working together as the hormones are supposed to, the amylin clumps and slows the efficiency of process of digestion.

Knowing the cause, scientists now believe they can better target new diabetic medications to cure diabetes. Given that diabetes is proclaimed to be occurring in epidemic proportions, the question still to be answered is why? Why is amylin reacting in a way that upsets the natural rhythm of digestion? Is it overload of sugars and fats in our systems? Is it a different cause – some hiccup in our energy or electrical body vibrations?

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Heather Sylvawood – Amazon Author